How to Cite a Website in an Essay

How to Cite a Website in an Essay

Have you ever been in a situation where you want to warn someone of something or inform them yet they find it hard to believe you? How did you feel? Did it disturb you? To make people believe you when you want to expose or tell them something, you ought to provide enough proof to validate or authenticate your assertions. Some people are not easily swayed with little information, therefore, you ought to provide them with strong evidence. The significance is that they will be unable to doubt you any further. You should also ensure that you offer or provide them with evidence form reliable sources. Writing an essay corresponds to the above scenario. It is fundamental that you provide evidence from credible and reliable source when writing an essay to substantiate your claims. Your audience ought to be convinced or moved by your reasons. Using evidence from credible and reliable sources shows the validity of your assertions hence able to convince your rea(s).

There are different reference materials you can use to cite your work such as the website, a book, a journal etc. To cite a website in an essay, you ought to apply the different citation styles. However, citing a website can be quite challenging because you have to know and understand how to apply these different citation styles. These include the website address, author of the article, name of the website, title of the article, and publication date. Below is an illustration of how to cite a website in an essay using APA and MLA format. Remember to note the periods used.

  • APA format

Author’s Surname, Author’s First Name Initial. (Year). Title of document/article. Title of website. Retrieval month date, year and the URL. For instance,

Meirow, E. (2015). How to Write a Rogerian Essay. Kibin. Retrieved January 22, 2018 from

  • MLA format

Author’s Surname, Author’s First Name. “Article Title.” Name of website. Publisher. (Year). URL. Date accessed (month day, year). For example,

Lamm, Stephanie. Poverty in the Dominican Republic. The Write My Essay, Feb, 2017